Slavic Bakers Invited to Show Their Skills

2014 Simply Slavic Baking Contest Winners

Growing up Slavic in the Mahoning Valley meant slices of kolachi or homemade chrusciki in your lunch box instead of Twinkies and Oreos. The organizers of Simply Slavic want to encourage the perpetuation of those recipes and traditions.

One way they do so is the Annual Slavic Baking Competition to be held at the 5th Annual Simply Slavic Festival on Saturday, June 20th 2015. Organizers are inviting the region’s best amateur bakers to put their favorite recipe to the test!

Second Annual Slavic Baking Contest

Simply Slavic is proud to be holding a second annual ethnic baking competition at this year's festival. Contestants are invited to prepare their best slavic baked goods and recipes. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. Winners will be announced at the Judging Event at the Simply Slavic Festival on Saturday, June 16, 2012 by 5 PM. For more information Click Here to Download the Baking Contest Entry Form.