Learning the Kolo

Canfield Village Middle School 8th graders learning the kolo with Simply Slavic in the Schools.

Slavic In The Schools

Simply Slavic in the Schools featuring Harmonia

Thanks to the generous sponsorships of Vaschak-Kirila Funeral Home, the Ethnic Heritage Society and others, Simply Slavic was able to inaugurate a new program this year offering Mahoning Valley students the opportunity to learn about our Slavic culture through music.

On Tuesday, May 29, two members of the band Harmonia traveled to the Youngstown area and presented programs at different locations in an elementary school, middle school and high school.

Music Preview Featuring Harmonia

Members of the ethnic music band Harmonia and Simply Slavic's director Ken Shirilla offer an exciting preview of the great Slavic music and entertainment that will be featured at this summer's Simply Slavic Festival in Downtown Youngstown.

Slavic Disco

After 8pm, we will present what we are calling a “Slavic Disco” which will showcase the modern dance music of the Slavic countries in Europe via DJ Richard Elmsworth (Ultimate Donnie from Gil Mantera’s Party Dream). This should appeal to the generation which does not follow the live folk and polka style music and others who may also enjoy modern eastern and central European Slavic-language dance music.